One year after the GZ1200 the 2nd generation AYK motor GZ1200R was introduced. Based on the same overall design changes were made to the frontplate and endbell. Two long screws passing from the endbell trough the steeltube to the frontplate were used now for mounting the can, instead of the very small screws before. This way it was much easier disassembling the motor for service, also slotted holes were machined at the endbell resulting in a new feature to RC motors, adjustable timing.

This motor was sold also by Leisure (USA) and Robbe (Germany) with different motor stickers. Regarding optical appearence colours from the GZ1200 and GZ1200R were reversed, so from pictures it’s easy to tell which motor is a GZ1200 and which is a GZ1200R. The original GZ1200 is using a black steel can and silver (natural) frontplate and endbell. The 2nd generation GZ1200R is using a chrome steel can and black anodized frontplate and endbell.
At the 1982 Worldchampionships 1/12 scale Modified class one of the A-Main drivers used a motor based on that GZ1200R with a rewound armature.

aluminium front plate

aluminium endbell and brushholder

GZ1200R left, GZ1200 right

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