Corally SP10

In 1989 Corally introduced their very first 1/10 scale car, the SP10. The overall design is using the typical features of early Corally pan cars.

  • hardened Coral aluminium chassis and t-bar
  • front end with integrated anti-roll bar
  • rear axle with inboard thrust bearing and diff nut
  • Corally diff uses drive plates instead of wheel hubs, these lock with rear wheel
  • rear wheels are larger diameter and very lightweight
  • wheels use no screws or nuts for fixing, just one large plastic clip

The SP10 is very similar to the SP12, their 1/12 scale car of that time frame. So something of a big brother.

This Corally SP10 car was donated by a Canadian visitor and friend of Classic RC. Thanks for your support!
sp10_1front view

sp10_2rear view

sp10_3front end with centerpoint steering and live axles

sp10_4rear axle and typical Corally diff, quick change clips for fixing the wheels