HPI Street Machine

In 1994 HPI released the Street Machine, their 2nd car after the Super F1. Comparing with most other 1/10 scale pan cars, the new HPI car was designed with a narrower wide of 200 mm so touring car or Nascar style bodies could be used for a realistic look. Intended as a budget car for everyone, the chassis parts and rear axle were made from fibreglass instead of using expensive graphite. But beside this the overall design was very promising and quite different to other pan cars in some areas.

The chassis allows several battery positions as saddlepack, left side for oval racing or even a quick change holder for stick packs. The triple pivot rear suspension eliminates the t-bar and works similar to a link system, it is typical for all HPI pan cars. Also a completely new, fully adjustable front end was designed for the Street Machine using double a-arms. There is even the option running either inline or trailing front axle without additional parts. This front end was used later also for all of the Road Star competition style pan cars as the RS10G, RS10GW and RS10GO.
street-1 street-2