Corally SP12

In 1989 Corally introduced the SP12, their 4th 1/12 scale car overall. Comparing with the older SP2 changes were made to the chassis and frontend, also a new mounting system for the t-bar was used. Aluminium screws were changed for Torx screws. As there was also a Corally 1/10 scale car now they went with new name SP12, not SP3 as you might expect from former name system. The SP12 was their last 1/12 scale car using a Coral aluminium chassis and A-arm type frontend.

In 1990 Jürgen Lautenbach of LRP-Electronic used a SP12 for winning the European Championship 1/12 scale held in Gateshead, Great Britain.

sp12-1SP12 front view

sp12-2rear view

sp12-3Coral front end with integrated anti-roll bar, early front body posts

sp12-4adjustable front springs and ride height, live axles used for front wheels

sp12-5dust prove friction damper

sp12-6unique Corally pod

sp12-7special Corally rear wheels with outboard bearing and quick change clip