RC12i – 1982 World Champion 1/12 Stock

This car is an Associated RC12i, not one of many but the car used by Kent Clausen for winning the Stock class at the very first 1/12 World Championships in 1982. This worlds had been held at Anaheim, California. Starting from 3rd position at the grid (TQ Re-Pete Fusco), Kent Clausen was able taking the lead right in the beginning and never looked back. In the end Kent was the winner of this first 1/12 World Championships Stock class.

Kent´s World RC12i is based on the early chassis version with cuts at the front and short cuts at the rear. The version with longer cuts at the rear for more grip was introduced later. The chassis stiffener plate was a special factory part, this time mounted using screws instead of the usual glue. A prototype version of the new spring front end had been tried during practice, but as this one caused too much steering, the team went with the proven original front end. Kent also preferred running a softer chassis setup, so went with two standoffs for mounting the radio plate to the chassis. As you could see from the pictures, Kent also had an eye on the overall weight of the car. He used aluminium screws, holes at the radioplate and upper podplate, receiver without case and machined wheels and body posts.
These were just the most noticeable efforts to lower the weight, additional work went into smaller details which could not be seen at the pictures. One of the modifications was machining the front suspension arms for changing castor, also smaller front tires could be used this way and the ride height could be adjusted using shims.

For electronics Kent did use the superfast Novak NES-1A servos with white cases also a Futaba transmitter and Novak prototype receiver. Servo wires were changed for matching his favourite colour scheme of the body. The motor was the handout Yokomo 05S as introduced at this worlds, powered by Sanyo SC1200 cells. The mechanical speedcontrol was using a lightweight resistor and silverplated wiper, wired using blue silicon wires.
For the body Kent was using the Associated TOJ SC303 with his typical paintscheme and an additional rear wing.

Pictures courtesy of Kent Clausen. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!

82WC12i-tojThe World Champion car, you also can see the machined front wheel

82WC12i-topTop view of the 1982 World Champion Stock Class car

82WC12i-botbottom view

82WC12i-wheelmachined rear wheel

82WC12i-champThe Champion himself right after winning the final