Demon MF-1

In early 1983 British manufacturer Demon Products introduced their 1/12th scale car, the Demon MF1. Before this, Demon Products actually was popular for their range of motors, batteries and ESCs. Nick Adams of Demon Products also was making one of the first ESCs overall, in 1977.

The pictures are showing a MF1 car from an early production batch, which used a graphite beam for the frontend. Later these were replaced by stronger fibreglass beams. Updates were made to the radio tray also, where several versions where available. The final one extended to the front end mounting blocks, for a stiffer chassis setup. Also there were aluminium motor/rear axle blocks which were offered as option parts and a two shock setup could be found.

The MF-1 was designed by Mervyn Franklin, a member of the Demon team. Sometimes you also could find the name MF-83, but it´s the same car. In the beginning the MF-1 was sold just through Demon Products. PB Racing Products, actually known for their 1/8 scale gas cars, were making the MF-1 kits and distributed the car later also to other countries. They also provided the center shock, which was borrowed from their PB Alpha suspension car. Early Demon cars could be identified by the straight cut at the chassis front side where PB cars and newer Demon cars got a curved chassis front shape. At some point the rear body posts were moved from the rear pod bracket to the radio tray. For the front there was just one single bodypost, a typical detail for 1/12 scale cars made in England.

At this car an early Demon ESC was used, also a Trinity Bullit motor and Futaba S20 micro servo. These are original 1983 analog pictures digitized these days.