AYK RX1200

In 1979 Aoyagi Metals Industry based near Tokyo, Japan started into the RC world with their new RX1200 1/12 scale car. Most people will know this company as AYK, unknown for most is the fact they were making slot car chassis since the 60s before switching to RC cars.

Right from the beginning AYK used some interesting details at their cars as their beam type front end where you could adjust castor, trackwide and toe in/out. For the rear end a fixed rear axle was used, again with adjustable trackwide. The spur gear was mounted on a hexagonal adapter and could be changed in just some seconds as the rear wheels. Most parts of the car were made from metal, the early versions even had an aluminium chassis, black anodized as most of the car. Later the chassis was changed to green fibreglass as our RX1200 version. For using flex as some early sort of suspension, the chassis had a waisted shape and the radioplate was mounted using three rubber grommets.

Most details of this design were typical for the early AYK cars and used later again with their RX2000 and RX3000.

rx1200_1RX1200 overall view

rx1200_2adjustable front end and servosaver

rx1200_3front end details showing thrust bearing at the king pin and threaded wheelaxles, no lost e-clips

rx1200_4rear axle using thrust bearings and adjustable wide, rear wheels using grub screws for quick change

rx1200_5fibreglass chassis, also one of the first cars using allen screws