MRP Datsun Baja ATV

This MRP Datsun Baja ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) was one of the very early offroad cars, introduced around 1978/1979. We have not found an exact date of release, but the body says 1978 at the back. As other early offroad cars the Baja ATV is 1/12 scale. 1/10 scale cars had been introduced later.

The Baja is based on a black, angled aluminium chassis. Front and rear end parts were common with MRP´s Class D onroad car but the moulded parts had been changed to a black colour. No real suspension was used, just the typical kingpin springs of early 1/12 scale cars. Tires were no rubber at this point, but grooved foam tires. The 6 cell saddle pack battery and the mechanical speed control setup was mounted to a Kydex radio tray, the steering servo and receiver flat to the chassis.
mrp-datsun-pickupMRP Datsun Baja ATV 1/12