Parma Euro Panther Chris Arnold Special

This car is a replica of a prototype for the Parma Euro Panther. The project was started when we received some prototype parts and personal pieces from Chris Arnold, who designed this car and built all of the prototypes. Additional parts and hardware were used from a Parma donor car and our own inventory. This car doesn´t show the look of the very first prototype, which indeed was very different to the final production car, but one of the steps during R&D.

Starting with the unique black-golden graphite chassis, this was cutted by Chris from a  sample supplied by a manufacturer for aircraft fighter parts. Much stiffer than anything we have seen so far. Chassis shown at Workshop section. Parma front end parts and the rear pod were used, which had been introduced at this time frame. Additional parts are Delta linear front springs and Delta tie rods.
For the t-bar, this was mounted directly to the chassis, as a floating rear end didn´t work with that pod. For the silicon tubing center dampener he used a machined aluminium post which could be found also at our car. The diff uses a Parma graphite axle which got special treatment by epoxy glueing the diff ring. Additional parts are Associated spur gear and Parma Panther diff and wheel hubs. For the body posts Chris always preferred threaded versions, this means those from the early Schumacher XL car for the front, M5 nylon bolts and the same Schumacher serrated nuts for the rear.
Moving to the rear suspension again, you will find a roll bar setup which is prototype stuff also, built by Chris Arnold. White plastic parts and brass collars could be found here, where the production units were using clear plastic and steel collars. The roll bar was an idea of Bud Bartos and tried the first time after the European Championships.
More of Chris Arnolds personal parts could be seen at the motor which is one of his 26 T Parma Yokomo Ferrari modifieds. Also he liked Parma wheels dyed in red color which were used at some of his cars.

At the 1984 Euro Champs, Chris Arnold and his teammate Phil Olson were attending with the unnamed prototype cars. In the end Phil Olson was winning the Euros, Parma had to make the car and the name Euro Panther was born.

We like to thank Chris Arnold for supplying the prototype parts, the motor and special parts and a lot of informations. Also we like to thank one of our Canadian friends for the donor car which also was a great help for this project. Thanks for supporting Classic RC!